Dear Customer !

As per Govt. guidelines, Aadhaar number of customer has to be linked to the Bank account and to be authenticated with UIDAI data before 31.03.2018. Now customers can directly authenticate their Aadhaar and linked Bank account on their own without visiting the Branch.

Procedure to be followed

1.       Please have the Mobile in hand which is registered with your Bank account and Aadhaar.

2.       Enter your Account number, registered Mobile Number and the Captcha code and click “Submit” button.

3.       Enter the OTP sent by Indian Bank in the second screen and click “Validate” button.

4.       Your Aadhaar number (masked with xxxx) will be displayed .

5.       Enter the OTP sent by UIDAI in the next screen and click “Validate” button.

6.       If the authentication is successful, you will get a Successful Status message.

7.       If the authentication is not successful, please contact your Home Branch for further guidance.

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